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George Town

This was one more bad experince on this trip. The Cayman airlines office in Jamaica had promised there will be Cuban immigration cards in their office in Cayman, but there they told me i will get them in the plane, But i didn't get them.
Went then via Havana and Madrid back home.large_P1040580.JPGlarge_P1040587.JPGlarge_P1040588.JPGlarge_P1040585.JPG

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Ocho Rios

Ilarge_P1040521.JPGlarge_P1040556.JPGlarge_P1040552.JPGlarge_P1040554.JPGlarge_P1040558.JPGlarge_P1040535.JPGlarge_P1040537.JPGlarge_P1040542.JPGlarge_P1040538.JPG had a nice daytrip to Ocho Rios and Dunns River Falls & Park, open from 8.30 am to $ pm, entrance fee is US $ 20 for non residents.

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Montego Bay

large_P1040483.JPGlarge_P1040491.JPGlarge_P1040482.JPGlarge_P1040484.JPGlarge_P1040479.JPGlarge_P1040488.JPGlarge_P1040485.JPGlarge_P1040486.JPGMontego Bay, the second largest town in Jamaica has a small center, lots of resorts along the coast and residential areas up the hill, you will need a car to explore it.

The town center is quite interesting, but beaches are very often not free of charge unless you stay at a beach resort, usually quite expensive. The ATM at the airport arrival hall is dispensing only US $, for local currency you have to go out of the airport building to a ATM next to the taxi stand.

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large_P1040466.JPGlarge_P1040468.JPGlarge_P1040461.JPGlarge_P1040465.JPGlarge_P1040467.JPGThis started by being over 2 hours late at Santiago Airport, no air-conditioning, and nothing to sit down.

Then in Providenciales was the most obnoxious immigration I have ever seen. Most people on my plane (and me) where only on transit. We where treated like criminals, passport taken away, had first to stand for over one hour next to the luggage carousel watched by some security, later an other hour fenced in next to the airport security area, no seats, no toilet and some where treathen because the toyed with there phones. No reason given for this behaviour.
My connecting plane was then all most 2 hours delayed for waiting for the next group stuck in transit.

And in Montengo Bay, because of being quite late it was very difficult to change money (the ATM was only dispensing US$).

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